coming soon: The Impossible Dream Girl Part 1

The Impossible Dream Girl Part 1

SCORE covergirl Venera has a new bikini and she is eager to get out of it...after you get an eyeful. Venera knows she's special, a natural marvel. Men look at her. Women look at her. "Girls stare at me all the time, and sometimes they make comments that aren't very nice," Venera says. Yes, that same old thing. Jealousy. Envy. The usual emotions big-boobed girls face. But we hope the good things outweigh the pettiness of some people. "They say, 'Look at that girl! Look at what she's wearing. Look at her fake boobs!' They don't understand. They can't believe that my breasts can be so big and natural. I think if they had boobs like mine, they would be wearing the same type of clothing." Venera speaks the truth. "Right now I'm single. It's pretty hard to have a boyfriend who will understand what I do. Not every guy will accept his girlfriend shooting naked photos and traveling around the world and meeting people and so many men looking at me. Maybe one day I will stop modeling and settle down, but not yet. I am having too much fun!" To be continued.
Featuring: Venera
Date: April 18th, 2024
Photos: 75

Member Comments

I love Venera and that bikini is amazing. One of Scores top Three ever. Her Hitomi and Merilyn are the greatest I have seen. Amazing beautiful woman.

Beautiful face, beautiful body and a loving personality. Venera had it all. Her boyfriend was lucky to be able to fuck her.

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