Dressed To Thrill

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Dressed To Thrill

Looking like a living doll, Venera makes her SCORE intro in "Meet Venera," a video interview shot in Montego Bay, Jamaica, along with a pictorial and video of this mouthwatering babe trying on sexy outfits and playing with her gorgeous body and all-natural tits in bed. "I like sexy clothes that show my cleavage," Venera said. "I love to wear tight tops and pants, short skirts and, of course, high heels. I wear a bra almost all of the time when I'm out. At home, I never wear a bra. I like to let my breasts breathe!" She enjoys being a girl. Venera is an extraordinary natural sensation, blessed by nature with an amazingly trim and beautiful body for someone so busty (32H). Venera's burst onto the big-boob scene like a force of nature. Meet the covergirl of December '11 SCORE and the DVD Venera's Busty Debut! Read More »
Featuring: Venera
Date: December 28th, 2023
Duration: 19:41

Member Comments

Absolutely amazing!!

That pink dress ,heels and panties are insane HoTT . And that final black lingerie show off that madd body to glorious perfection. She is like an illusion . Beautiful eyes and a face like Lady Gaga m one of a kind. Big tit Venera is right . Goddess

She is so incredible. That amazing skinny body with absolutely no fat on it except in those huge massive tits . Stunning beauty and soulfully sexxy AF. Venera is one of the greatest of all time. No joke .my cock has been striked many times for her

this video keeps my mind in the nasty.

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