Bikini Pleasure

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Bikini Pleasure

Venera was born to wear bikinis and wear them in a sunny, warm, lush climate. Since new laws prohibit foreign-born models from posing in the U.S., Venera traveled to Montego Bay, Jamaica all-expenses paid to pose for SCORE. Venera begins the fun by introducing herself at poolside on a bright, sunny day. She wears a white, extreme bikini studded with rows of pink thingies and hot pink high heels. Pink is Venera's favorite color. Her dimensions are amazing. What is the sound of two boobs clapping? The blonde hottie shakes them wildly over the camera, making that familiar slapping sound of big breastflesh slapping together, until one pops out of its bikini top. Venera spins and shows her ass, her "tight ass," her "little, naughty ass," says Venera with a happy smile and a mischievous glint in her eyes, spanking it for emphasis. Venera unleashes her tits from their bikini prison and proceeds to swing them from side to side. Being face-pummeled and motorboated by those awesome tits is one… Read More »
Featuring: Venera
Date: June 20th, 2024
Duration: 17:02

Member Comments

Absolutely amazing body and bikini. Venera is from another world. Unbelievable

One of the greatest bikinis on her perfect body , That is astonishing to watch her just walk around in those pink heels with her boobs shaking and wobbling everywhere. She really knows how to play with those incredible boobs. Her , Marliyn, Hitomi and Karina are the best at solo boob play. Its an art form and they love performing for us Score guys to slowly stroke our big oiled up cocks , I have cum so much for Venera and that insane godddess body. And she has GREEN Eyes !!! wow perfection babe

Bikini body is amazing . Top Score girl ever . And those pink heels are awesome

I'm full in love with your most sexiest slim silky smooth skin, very lovely very long saggy breasts, they are very bouncy, love watching behind you while walking seeing your wide tits well showing side by side, making me very wet & get very hard-on. oxo

perfect ass, perfect pussy, perfect boobs (indecently big, snow white, wobbly and LOW HANGING - bare and big young BOOBS HANGING DOWN TO THE BELLY BUTTON are THE ULTIMATE SEXUAL FANTASY for me and give me an ERECTION UP TO THE BELLY BUTTON)

tell me more about your naughty little ass.

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